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Balayya and Chiru

Balakrishna’s Film Choices and the Chiranjeevi Connection


In the vibrant world of Telugu cinema, the camaraderie between Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi has always intrigued fans. Recent observations hint ...

Heroine Anita

Heroine Anita’s Journey: From Films to Family Life


Discover the captivating journey of heroine Anita, also known as Natasha Hassanandani, from her initial foray into Tollywood to her ...

swasika heroine marriage

Celebrating Love: Swasika heroine Journey from Telugu Movies to Marriage


In the dynamic world of the Telugu film industry, talents often traverse borders. Swasika, known for her roles in Malayalam ...

ss rajamouli

Does Rajamouli really like those movies? Is that why you still don’t direct such films?


Rajamouli’s films are unique. But still there is not a single horror movie in the movies directed by this director. He likes ...


అవి ఆయుర్వేదిక్‌ బీడీలు.. ‘గుంటూరు కారం’లో స్మోకింగ్‌పై మహేశ్‌


Guntur Kaaram: ఇటీవల విడుదలైన గుంటూరుకారం గురించి ఆ చిత్ర కథానాయకుడు మహేశ్‌బాబు ఆసక్తికర విషయాలను పంచుకున్నారు. మహేశ్‌బాబు కథానాయకుడిగా త్రివిక్రమ్‌ దర్శకత్వంలో రూపొందిన యాక్షన్ డ్రామా ...