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Thati Munjalu

Thati Munjalu: Nature is doing so much for us. Gives many healthy trees, fruits and leaves. But man fails to recognize them. Not being able to take advantage of what is available, they are spending thousands of rupees on hospitals for any minor health problem. They keep away what comes naturally and freely. But doctors also suggest to take seasonal fruits. But, ignoring them, they are getting used to junk food. Everyone regardless of age prefers ready-made food.

Can't find the palm fronds?

And now is the season of Tati Munjala. Until ten and twenty years ago, palm fronds were widely available in the market. And if you go to the villages.. Goudannas would be cut for free. The taste of eating palm fronds from the tree is different. But, looking at the current situation, it seems that even palm trees will not be found.

There are no cutters..

Gita workers are decreasing in villages. Although there are Gowda families, those who climb palm trees are decreasing. Once upon a time, every Gowda family in the village had one or two Gita workers. Now there are not more than two or three people in the village. Due to this, stone cutters and palm frond cutters are decreasing. Seasonally, the palm tree sellers are facing trouble.

Rising price..

The price of palm fronds is increasing as the number of palm fronds is decreasing. Two or three Gita workers in the village are taking money to climb the palm tree and cut the branches. It is not given freely like before. Due to this, sellers bring them to the market and villages and sell them at a higher price. Munjalu, which was once a rupee and two rupees, now costs more than ten rupees.

It's hard to pick up..

And the Gita workers are only cutting date palms. There is no need to pick up the seeds. Due to this, the sellers are cutting them at the place of sale. The Gita workers can easily cut and harvest the branches. But it takes five minutes for women to pick a nut. As a result, buyers can't wait and leave. Quality is also suffering.

Now you have to buy online..

Looking at the situation, it seems that within the next two to three years, we will also have to buy palm fronds online. These e-commerce companies are already selling mango leaves and coconut husks online. In a few days Tati Munjalu is sure to make darshan online. Ecommerce companies are turning every thing people buy into a business.

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