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Us Air Force Has Released The First Images Of The B 21 Raider The World Most Dangerous Nuclear Stealth Bomber

US Air Force: America is the superpower. This is the country that allocates the most funds in the world for the defense sector. On the other hand, this country's defense system, which is at the level of ruling many countries in the world, is strong. However, internal fear haunts the country. In the recent Russia-Ukraine war, on the other hand, in the long-running Israel-Hamas war in West Asia, nuclear bomb threats are often heard. Both Russia and Iran have warned that they will not hesitate to launch nuclear weapons if their existence is threatened. On the other hand, America stood by its allies in these two wars. At this moment, the superpower has recently released photos of a state-of-the-art fighter jet.

Nuclear capability….

The plane in the newly released photo has nuclear capability. The United States tested this B-21 Raider (B-21 Raider) fighter plane for the first time in November 2023. Its photos have recently come out. These photos were taken while being tested at Edwards Air Force Base in California. As the backbone, it is being described as the most powerful fighter aircraft in the world and it is likely to enter service next year.

Work according to the objectives.

The B-21 Raider was designed to meet the objectives set out in the design. This matter was recently disclosed by the senior official of the US Defense Department, Andrew Hunter, before the Senate Armed Forces Committee. He said that it is currently in the trial phase. How many times has it been tested so far and how long has it flown in the wind? However, the details of how many times they will be tested have not been disclosed. It is designed to carry conventional explosives as well as nuclear weapons. They will be stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. Whitemine, Missouri, and Dyess Air Force Base, Texas will serve as backup centers.

Manufacturing of 100 planes..

US Air Force officials have revealed that they aim to produce a total of 100 of these B-21 Raider aircraft. At present, six are in the manufacturing stage, he said. It is said that these will be used in the defense of allies including America. The manufacturing of these was entrusted to a company called North Rap. The company has revealed that the first five flights will be offered without any profit.

Don't get caught by enemies..

According to the images, defense experts estimate that the B-21 Raider has a wide exhaust at the rear and a narrow exhaust at the front. It is believed to be designed to reduce heat. It is being analyzed that the infrared radiation will be reduced and will not get caught by the radar. On the other hand, it seems that there is a technology to cool the emissions internally, judging by the fact that the exhaust is not blackened. It is expected that thermal tiles used in space shuttles will be used. An additional hatch on the engine can be seen in the pictures. When the engine's main ports are going high, they cannot let air in at full capacity. Then experts believe that additional intakes will work. On the top of the plane, a special hood was seen in a dark color. It is expected that the engine will be the main part. The indicators on the wings are designed to fold back inward. It is estimated that these arrangements may have been made to avoid getting caught by enemy countries.

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