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Veera Simha Reddy Mass Review Veera Simha Reddy Mass Review

Veera Simha Reddy Mass Review: What is the poverty of our directors… what is the stupidity of our lyricists… what is the gall of our bald heroes… even in the days of OTT… they put the old tangerine green in front of us… on one hand the whole world changes Raa Babu… we remain like this… We will do it like this.. We will increase the ticket prices as we like… This is their tendency to watch as if you are dead. Despite the passing of years, the same faction, the same Rayalaseema, the same hair-raising dialogues, Kaima Kottinattu Narukudu… Does Balakrishna want a hit movie, does he have to play the same role as Samarasimha Reddy again? Will he go for other roles? can't go Can't get that image out of the frame? What is the disease of these Telugu directors? From Gopal to Gopichand in Rayalaseema and still why show like that? Is Rayalaseema a border of blood? If you step into the boundary, you will see hunters and bloodshed? It has been many years since the original Rayalaseema faction? And show the shadows of those swords? Do not these directors get wisdom even in the millennial generation.

Veera Simha Reddy Mass Review

Veera Simha Reddy Mass Review

Mass is… cutting or something else? Will the fans like it if they show it like that? Who said so? It's a routine story, with formula dyes, different mothers but the same father! And why is Varalakshmi angry like a poisonous snake on Anna? Why is Matiki trying to kill Matiki? Is this the original sentiment? How can we call it mass cinema? Do you have to say mass if you fall on top of each other and beat and kill? Telugu heroes don't change, directors don't really change.. And Veera Simhareddy's first of all is dedicated to fans.. Those are the steps of building up and routine image. The second half is even worse.. It's like watching a serial on the screen.. Is mass cinema for Balakrishna still the stories of Samarasimha Reddy, Narasimhanaidu, Chennakesava Reddy and legend Bapathu? Can't he get out of that stereotype? Actually the story of this movie is not great.. Gopichand who made a movie like Crack is still unbelievable that he made a movie like this.. Balayya double action in this movie. He is the Son and the Father. Kodukki Varasaya Shruti Haasan exists only for the Songs.. and the less said about them the better. Shruti Haasan's trouser pullover may be blowing whistles with the batch of fans but…the rest of the audience won't like it much..and Thaman is drumming as usual..but the BGM is good. BGM is awesome.

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Veera Simha Reddy Mass Review

As always, Burra Sai Madhav sharpened his pen. “Don't throw a challenge.. I'll throw corpses. Every hair that grows on the muzzle is not a moustache.. A weapon to kill him was not born.. An attachment was born” There are many such things. There is nothing but elevations and such dialogues throughout the film. That's why the movie is boring.. Don't the audience come to the theaters to feel bored by spending 170 rupees? Shouldn't there be at least 30 years difference between father and son in many places? But there is another Actress named Honey Rose in the movie. She may get more item Songs with this film. And Varalakshmi's role in this movie is good.. Varalakshmi will be taken instead of Ramyakrishna.. there is no doubt.. Balakrishna's sister played the role in this too.. She also got a similar role in Crack. There is nothing to say about Balakrishna's performance.. Since he is the whole screen.. After Akhanda, I was very disappointed until I imagined another role from Balakrishna.. Ma Balayya Maradu… Another movie like hunting knives and pare netthuru for those who think Tammudu Thurumudu.. that's all. There is nothing

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