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Tsunami from Heaven

Viral Video: No one can predict what nature will be like. The video which is now going viral is a good example of this. We know that tsunami comes in the seas.. but here in this video it is like a tsunami in the sky. Tsunamis occur only when earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the oceans. Experts say that tsunamis can also occur in the sky. Such rare sightings are occasionally caught on camera. Recently such a video is going viral on social media. Everyone had a chance to see.

Awesome video..

The video going viral on social media is attracting netizens. In this, waves of water are falling from the sky like a tsunami. These visuals, which looked like a tsunami in the sky, are captivating everyone. The video was shared on an X account with the username @CosmicGaiaX. This is a 12 second timelapse clip. It has a beautiful mountain view. There is a lake under those mountains. Black, bluish-gray colored clouds can be seen in the sky. If they move forward, heavy rain will start.

Rain like a tsunami

In this unusual video, it falls from the sky like a wave in an ocean, not like raindrops. The water that descends touches the lake. This scene looks very beautiful. It looks beautiful but it is hard to imagine how horrible it is there. It is better to stay away from such places. If you look at this scene from another angle, it looks like the clouds in the sky have been pierced.

This scene in Austria..

The scene in this video was taken near Lake Millstatt in Austria. It was recorded by a man named Peter Maier. Netizens are commenting that the water may have fallen like this due to a sudden change in air pressure. Some believe that this happens when methas move quickly ahead of a strong storm. But none of the experts responded to this.

Netizens reaction

Netizens are reacting to this video in different ways. In Venezuela, this type of rain falls for 10 to 15 minutes. A netizen commented that after that the rain will stop completely. Nature is such a wonderful force. Someone else praised it as a great post. I don't want to get caught in all that terrible rain.. Wow, another netizen expressed surprise. That scene is great. Many netizens are commenting. This video has already received more than 1,50,000 views. 3 thousand likes have been received.

Viral even in 2022

Meanwhile.. in 2022, a similar video went viral online. There is only one difference between them. In that video, instead of a mountainous area, clouds rain down heavily on a busy city. A video shared on Reddit shows ominous, dark clouds pouring heavy rain over the city.

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