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Do You Know About Vitamin P

Vitamin P: Vitamins are essential for everyone's body. Some are well known and some are not. A lesser known vitamin is especially vitamin-P. Vitamin A, B, C, D are rarely known till now. But what is this vitamin P? Lack of vitamin P can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, foods containing vitamin P should be taken regularly. But what is this vitamin P? In which foods is it found? Now let's know the details of its benefits.

Experts say that this vitamin P is not exactly a vitamin. Flavonoids are also known as vitamin P. Flavonoids are a phytonutrient with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Simply put, this vitamin P is mostly found in plant-based foods. Bioflavonoid deficiency symptoms are similar to those of vitamin C. Its deficiency should be known especially because of injuries and bleeding.

Absence of this P vitamin can lead to severe bleeding where the damage is done. Experts say that its deficiency also causes inflammation related to arthritis. Its severe deficiency causes problems like scurvy, gum, tooth problems, dry skin, hair and anemia. But taking vitamin P can strengthen heart health. Blood vessel function is also better. Vitamin P acts as an antioxidant and therefore helps in boosting the immune system. Prevents asthma, arthritis and allergies.

Varicose veins appear on the skin and sometimes vitamin P prevents such problems. Moreover, it prevents cataracts and vision loss. Improves brain function. Prevents some types of cancer. But this vitamin P is abundant in citrus fruits. It is also available in high quality dark chocolate. It is also found in berry fruits like blueberry, strawberry.

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