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Is it profitable to get married?  loss

Wedding : Don't you want to get married for a hundred years? There are Songs like that. But there are Songs like Kaladu sukham kammani samsaram if you are together. Any relationship is based on understanding. If you like a person you will do whatever it takes to be happy with that person. Otherwise they think they should get rid of it. A lot of this is happening now. Apart from this, marriage is a great bond. They are born somewhere and live together for each other. But nowadays many people don't want to get married.

Today's young people are saying that if they put their minds into words, we don't want marriage, Baboy. I don't know why you are so afraid of getting married, but experts say that not getting married has many benefits for you, your family and the society. When they reach the age of marriage, the only question that clears their minds and hearts is whether to get married or not? Shall we also know for a while whether we should get married or not?

Who says no to marriage? Because it is a stark truth that only a husband or a wife stays together till the end. Marriage is very important in society. If you don't get married, you will get criticism from family, relatives, brothers and friends. Moreover, experts say that you have to experience loneliness and sadness. Now you will be shocked to know about a twist. Take heart. Experts say that unmarried people are more healthy, beautiful, fit and confident than married people.

Another thing is that some people who don't want to get married have a great goal. Such people will increase their reputation status, leverage, respect and make side plans to reach their desired goal. They will achieve what they want with time. After that some think of marriage while others stay the same. There are also losses due to the growth of such people.

A decrease in the number of marriages leads to a decline in the population and an increase in the number of elderly people, creating social problems. Increasing celibacy erodes family values ​​and undermines institutional structures. Decline in marriage rates will lead to changes in civilization. Marriage is a personal choice no matter how many losses there are. There are those who are happy without marriage and there are those who are happy with their partner and children.

Singles spend time with friends and relatives to keep the bond strong. But experts say that those who overcome loneliness will definitely achieve what they want in life. And you also think a little. If you want, you can be happy without getting married after marriage. If you have the quality of understanding between the two, your life will be super. Or hell. Think again and take a step forward. Once you find a good partner, you will feel why you are alone for so many days. But if you find a partner who doesn't understand, then you feel why you got married. All the best all in all.


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