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YCP: Amaravati: YCP suffered a heavy defeat. The party ranks are not able to digest the defeat. Leader Jagan is conducting a series of Reviews and talking to the leaders. Constituency wise details are being tried. They are investigating where the error occurred. It is said that he will take the party to its former glory by 2029. A purge was also started in the party. One or two who worked against the party were also suspended. Constituency in-charges are also being changed. But so far it's okay… the seniors in the party are not keeping silent. Some of them are like Auntie Muttanat when it comes to party activities. Especially those who have served as ministers in Jagan's cabinet are also worried about going into hiding. Many people don't believe that YCP will succeed. Most people are of the opinion that Jagan cannot take it in that direction. That is why they are looking for alternatives. In the current situation, it is expected that if we go to BJP, we will be in the safe zone.

* Resurgent Congress..
Congress party is gaining strength at the national level. The India Alliance led by that party gave a strong fight to the NDA. BJP's strength has also decreased. At such a time, elections are going to be held in some states. If the Congress party gains strength there, it will definitely affect AP. Congress party has already come to power in Karnataka. People rejected BJP there. Even in Telangana, the Congress party, which is in the third position, was able to come to power unexpectedly. AP has a special connection with those two states. YCP leaders still have properties in Hyderabad. Rayalaseema leaders have businesses running in Bangalore. Naturally they lean towards the Congress party. Congress party is the home of majority of YCP leaders. YCP is weak. The TDP alliance government is on the offensive in AP. That is why most of the YCP leaders are looking towards the Congress. If the Congress party comes back to power in various states across the country, it is certain that YCP seniors will join the Congress.

* Latest ex-ministers to BJP..

There is a rumor that many former ministers are trying to join the BJP. In particular, there is talk that four YCP MPs, led by Rajampet MP Peddireddy Midhun Reddy, will join the BJP. Especially, a news that CM Jagan is sending Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy to BJP has become a viral topic. In the case of Mithun Reddy, a similar campaign was conducted.. He gave full clarity. He decided to continue in YCP. On the other hand, there was talk that some YCP Rajya Sabha members led by Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy would join the BJP. In view of the cases against Jagan, there are also speculations that Jagan will continue the strategy followed by the TDP which lost the last election. Four members of the Rajya Sabha joined the BJP immediately after the defeat of the Telugu Desam Party. All those who joined are very loyal to Chandrababu. Even now there is a talk that Jagan will send his loyalists to BJP and try to avoid the danger of cases. Recently there is a campaign going on that the latest former minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy will join the BJP. Chandrababu is working to release a white paper on the finance department. At this moment, many types of irregularities have come to light in that department. It is known that during the tenure of the YCP government, they have taken excessive debts and loans beyond the limit. That is why it seems that huge errors have come to light. There is information that a trap is being tightened around Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, who is in charge of the Finance Department. That's why Buggana thinks that BJP is good for being a safe zone. There should be full clarity on this.

* Seniors incognito..

After the defeat of YCP, many seniors went into hiding. All except one or two became silent. It has been spread that Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi has come in touch with such people. It seems that he himself was invited to the Congress party and promised to provide a suitable position like in the past. Leaders who had shone a light in the Congress party in the past left the party under forced circumstances. Joined YCP. But they did not forget the freedom in the Congress party. Therefore, many leaders were of the opinion that if the Congress party is resurgent, it is better to join that party. But now with the defeat of the YCP and the rise of the Congress party, such leaders have reconsidered. At the same time, it is reported that some seniors have said that they will bide their time and join the Congress party after being invited by top leader Rahul. Assembly elections are likely to be held in various states across the country in the coming period. If the Congress party shows its strength in them, the effect will fall on AP. Especially all former Congress leaders in YCP are likely to take U-turn.

* Fear of such leaders..

Many YCP leaders are volunteering to join the BJP. The list also includes several recent exes. All the leaders who feel that they will face problems with the coalition government are coming in touch with the top leadership of BJP. They are sending news that they will join BJP. But being a key partner in the NDA, the top leadership is not giving a green signal knowing that there will be objections from the TDP. While the dissident faction in BJP is trying to include many YCP leaders, it seems that the state leadership is blocking it. Presently BJP has increased representation in the state. Efforts are being made for the development of the party. Analysts are of the opinion that there is no need to be surprised if YCP ranks are invited as a part of it. But the BJP high command is thinking twice about the leaders who acted aggressively during the YCP regime. Rather than those who are attracted to BJP ideologies, many are trying to follow the path of BJP to avoid the problems of the coalition government. It is reported that the top leadership of BJP has decided to include such people. BJP to escape from the cases now, Congress to do politics in the future… these two options are in front of the YSP leaders. Let's see what happens in the future.

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