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YCP: YCP 'Kapu' formula..is it working?

YCP: In every election in AP, Kapu voters are the determinants of victory. The party which has their support will come to power. In 2014, Kapulu supported the Telugu Desam Party. He helped that party to come to power. In 2019, he turned to YCP. They were able to bring that party to power. That is why all the parties are trying to get Kapu votes in this election. But this time it seems that the majority of the cops are following Pawan. This ultimately damages the YCP. TDP and Jana Sena will come together. That's why Jagan is now following the Kapu formula. Kapus is given immense importance.

It is known that the candidates have been changed on a large scale across the state. But Jagan did not dare to change the constituencies of Kapula as much as possible. Not a single temple except Amarnath went to Kapu ministers. Sitting MLAs were also continued as much as possible. Tickets are being given to Kapu leaders more than TDP and Janasena. Moreover, the families of leaders like Mudragada and Hari Rama Jogaiah, who were elders, were lured to YSP. It seems that Jagan is implementing all these measures as part of the Kapu formula. It is reported that new experiments have been launched here and there.

There are expectations that the Kapu majority faction will go with the Jana Sena. Jagan's actions in the last four and a half years have also become embarrassing for the Kapus. That is why the Kapu majority group is opposing Jagan's approach. Jagan noticed the trouble coming from the Kapus and started trying to satisfy them before the elections. Special schemes have been implemented in relation to Kapus. Even in the nominated positions, they were given a lot of attention. Now it is expected to win their hearts by allocating more assembly seats.

In fact, Jagan also knows that Kapu's votes will be lost. That's why he was careful. First he tried to create a split in the cops. Kapu, Balija, Ontari, Telaga.. All the communities were divided.. They created a gap between the sub-castes. Nominated posts are balanced. There is no attempt made by Jagan to prevent complete transfer of the Kapula votes to the Jana Sena. They also tried to increase pressure on the Janasena with Kapu leaders. It was also alleged that Jagan tried to break the alliance between the alliance by expressing objections about getting fewer seats as part of the alliance. On the whole, ahead of the elections, Jagan is moving ahead strongly with the Kapu formula. But it remains to be seen how far these efforts will work out. Kapu social class is already fed up with the actions of the YCP government. At exactly such a moment, we have to see to what extent Jagan's efforts will bear fruit.

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