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YouTuber Vlogger Anvesh : In the olden days Ammalakkas used to set up panchayats near street faucets. Although they are not so big, they are juicy. Sometimes the affair went up to the big men. Then there was a solution in some form. From then on, it's Sharamamu. Again some kind of fight.. insulting each other for a few days.. then going to big men.. it was like a farce. Times have changed now. Even though there are street taps, Ammalakkas do not have enough time to set up panchayats. But in the kitchen.. otherwise in front of the TV.. and if there is leisure, there is something to do.. Moreover, there is not enough closeness these days to chat cheerfully with neighbors. What would it be like if there were no panchayats in this smart era.. He was troubled by the lack of content.. I don't know, but the popular YouTuber Anvesh started a fight. This time he targeted a fellow YouTuber.

So what is the reason for his pain.. “I am a world traveler. I returned to other countries after suffering many hardships. Melisa.. and I have mixed up with many other girls. My record is different. “My blood is different, my breed is different” is the range of my search and approach style. His journey as a YouTuber is innovative. He came here after a lot of hardships. He is tempted for self-promotion but he does not step on obstacles for income. He is honest.. He tells about everything he has done. Such Anvesh criticized a YouTuber. In the past, he used to target YouTubers and criticize them. Now he is targeting one person in particular.

There is a YouTuber named Sunny Yadav. He recently went to America. Hailing from Hyderabad, he claimed to have gone to America on a bicycle. Well, no one saw whether he went on a bicycle.. or on something else. There is no evidence for that. Then many people believed what he said. Some people said well done. And some people said that they have upheld the honor of Telangana. These words seemed to hit Anvesh somewhere. Anvesh started criticizing. He also uploaded a video on his YouTube channel. He criticized Sunny Yadav in Telangana accent. He flagged that the entire trip he did was a lie. How is it possible to go to America on a bicycle?

Naturally, Anvesh has more reach on social media. Moreover, the videos he uploads also have a lot of fans. Within moments, this video started making rounds on social media. A few people supported Anvesh. Some people supported Sunny Yadav. Still some started raising regional differences. I don't know how far this panchayat will go, but at the moment it is shaking the social media. Since the panchayat between Sunny Yadav and Anvesh was started by America.. will it be solved if American President Joe Biden intervenes.. Actually there is a presidential election.. if this panchayat is solved, will the votes of four Telugu people go to Biden?!

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