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Attempts To Make Hyderabad A Union Territory

Hyderabad: A separate state of Telangana is a 60-year-old aspiration.. the result of a long struggle. A united movement of tribal communities. Hundreds of lives were sacrificed. 2014 June 2 The wish of three crore people of Telangana was fulfilled. The dream came true. The united state was divided into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Telangana was formed in ten districts and Andhra Pradesh was split with 13 districts.

Development in ten years..

The then Union rulers criticized that if Telangana came, there would be no electricity and Naxalism would increase. Criticism was made that it is impossible to rule. But the state which was won by fighting was developed in all fields in ten years. Telangana is leaping ahead in development after leaving many big states behind. It also ranks 3rd in the country in terms of per capita income.

Hyderabad as a cosmopolitan city..

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state, has developed into a cosmopolitan city. Along with the development of IT, world famous companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Qualcomm have moved their headquarters to Hyderabad. It is noteworthy that more than 70 percent of the state's revenue comes from Hyderabad. The people of the state are directly or indirectly connected with Hyderabad.

The time limit of common capital is about to end.

Hyderabad was declared as the joint capital of Telangana and Hyderabad for ten years in a bill introduced in the Parliament during the formation of Telangana state. It will expire on June 1, 2024. Telangana is going to be owned. However, it seems that the leaders of Andhra Pradesh, which has no capital, and the Congress leaders who have come to power in Telangana, are now trying to convert Hyderabad into a Union Territory. BRS leaders are promoting that BJP and Congress are taking steps for this. The BRS leaders are alleging that the ruling BJP at the Center is trying to implement its secret agenda by obstructing the Congress government.

What is the secret agenda..

BRS says that there is a hidden agenda behind the declaration of Hyderabad as a union territory. They are trying to limit the income of Hyderabad to one region and isolate the rest of the districts. It is being spread that they are plotting to create unrest in the state in the name of Union Territory. It seems that the Congress party has fielded dummy candidates to win the BJP candidates in Telangana for the implementation of a secret agenda. They are accused of trying to gain control over Telangana by weakening the BRS.

State government support for UT?

BRS leaders are alleging that the Telangana government is supporting the BJP's conspiracy to make Hyderabad a union territory. They are angry with KCR and claim that they are doing it because of Akkasu. It is alleged that if Hyderabad becomes a UT, Hyderabad will become an obstacle for corporates like Adani and Ambani.

What is true..?

Meanwhile, no one knows the truth of the proposal to make Hyderabad a UT. There is no evidence that efforts are being made in this direction except for the BRS allegations. Telangana is sure to be a fire pit again if that happens as alleged by 1000 BRS. Both national parties know this. Others are of the opinion that they will not dare to declare Hyderabad as a union territory in such a situation.

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