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Pot water in summer

Pot Water : Everyone wants to stay cool during summer. Cold tools are formed to withstand the temperature. In summer, the body is prone to dehydration. In this background, more water should be taken. Thirst increases as the body loses water quickly through sweat. Drinking plain water during this time will not quench the thirst. Even if the stomach is full, the tongue wants water. Drinking cold water will make you feel satisfied. But what kind of cold water should be taken? What are the health benefits of consuming them? If we go into the details..

When summer comes, the sales of coolers and ACs that provide coolness will increase. At the same time, sales of fridges also increase. A priz is a must in every home today. Along with storing vegetables and other ingredients, we keep water in it and keep it cool. But some health experts warn that drinking water from the fridge is not so good. They say pot water is better than fridge water. Why is pot water better than original priz water?

In the past, people used to drink water from clay pots in summer. Even now in some areas they are drinking pot water. Only pot water is cool in summer. Keeping them in an open place will make them cooler. Drinking water from a pot offers more benefits than water from the fridge. Soil is rich in elements. These go directly into the body by drinking water. These are good for the body.

The refrigerator water is colder than the dose. This damages some cells in the body. Water in the pot but cold in the pan. There is no harm in drinking these. Drinking pot water regularly will not cause any digestive problems. If you drink a lot of water in the fridge, the heat in the body changes more. The water in the pot is cooling. Drinking water in an earthen pot increases biological functions. This will make them healthy. Drinking water in an earthen pot heals wounds quickly with the minerals in it.

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