Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy: Sajjala's latest doubt | Telugu News


Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy: If something goes wrong, admit it. Consequences of that mistake should be mentioned. Explain the circumstances that ...

Eating too much salt can lead to death? Shocking things in WHO's latest research | Telugu News


Salt is one of the Shadrukas. No matter what kind of food people eat.. if there is no salt in ...

Ormax popular Heros : Shocking result in the latest survey… Do you know who is the number hero of Tollywood? | Telugu News


Ormax popular Heros: Tollywood's top Hero has been revealed. In the latest survey conducted by a leading media company, shocking ...

Sneha Ullal: Simha heroine Sneha Ullal is like this… Shocking junior Aishwarya's latest look! | Telugu News


Sneha Ullal: Sneha Ullal is a lady who once won the hearts of boys. Her name was Junior Aishwarya Rai. ...

Pushpa 2: Do you know the master who composed this shoe slipping step in Pushpa 2? He is the latest sensation! | Telugu News


Pushpa 2: The hype on Pushpa 2 is increasing. The song 'Pushpa Pushpa' which was released yesterday was also a ...

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