Teja Sajja’s Sacrifice: A Glimpse into the Making of “Hanuman”


Teja Sajja

Explore the remarkable journey of Teja Sajja, the hero of the movie “Hanuman,” as he shares the challenges and sacrifices behind the scenes. Delve into the success meet, where Teja’s dedication and the hardships faced during the film’s production were unveiled.

The Triumph of “Hanuman” at Sankranti

Teja Sajja’s Heroic Feat: Amidst the Sankranti movie lineup, “Hanuman,” directed by Prashant Varma and featuring Teja Sajja, stands out with impressive collections and audience acclaim. Teja’s dedication to his role as Hanuman reflects the commitment invested in bringing this mythological tale to life.

The Struggles Behind the Scenes

Teja Sajja
Teja Sajja

Teja’s Revelation at the Success Meet: In a recent success meet for “Hanuman,” Teja Sajja opened up about the challenges faced during the film’s shooting. He expressed, “Especially there are some shots of Hanuman flying in the air after Hanuman’s powers come to my character of Hanuman. I had to beg for them for almost 6 hours holding a rope in the air.”

Climax Fight: 40 Days of Grit and Dust

Teja’s Grueling Experience: The climax fight scene, spanning 40 days, exposed Teja to challenging conditions. “We had to spend most of the time in dust and dirt. Because of that, the dust fell into my eyes, and my right eye disappeared,” Teja revealed. Despite the adversity, Teja’s commitment to the film prevailed.

The Sacrifice and Postponed Surgery

Teja’s Unwavering Commitment: Faced with a serious eye condition, Teja chose to postpone surgery to continue shooting. He highlighted, “Doctors wanted to do surgery, but I said I can’t do it during the shooting time and said that I will do it after the shooting of the film.” Teja’s resilience reflects the passion and dedication invested in the project.

The Sweet Fruits of Hard Work

Prashant Varma’s Reward: Teja Sajja and director Prashant Varma’s collective efforts paid off, with “Hanuman” garnering success during Sankranti. The movie’s triumph is further underscored by the announcement of a sequel titled “Jai Hanuman,” promising a continued legacy of mythological storytelling.


Q1: What challenges did Teja Sajja face during the shooting of “Hanuman”?

A1: Teja faced physical challenges, including hours of aerial shots and prolonged exposure to dust during the 40-day climax fight scene.

Q2: Why did Teja postpone surgery for his eye condition?

A2: Teja prioritized the shooting schedule and chose to undergo surgery after completing the film.

Q3: What is the future plan for mythological movies by Prashant Varma?

A3: Prashant Varma plans to release Superman movies in a similar style every year on Sankranti, collaborating with other directors.

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