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How Many Kilometers Does A Train Give Per Liter Of Diesel

Train Mileage: Railway is the main transport system of common people in India. 2.3 crore people travel by trains every day. India has the fourth largest railway network in the world. Our country has trains ranging from coal engines to electric engines. Coal engines have now disappeared. Diesel engines are still going. Trains are running with diesel engines only on un-electrified routes. But no one knows the mileage of a diesel engine train. When we buy a bike or a car, we look at the mileage. But no one cares about train mileage. Let's find out how far a train can run with a liter of diesel.

Means of transportation for millions of people.

Railways regularly transport crores of Indians to their destinations. But many people are not aware of the interesting things related to trains. Don't even think. Why is the height of the station above sea level written on the board on the platform? Why is there a Gee symbol behind the train compartment? There are many more such questions that we don't know like how many kilometers does a train give with 1 liter of diesel.

Mileage is like this..

Mileage is related to the vehicle's fuel efficiency. It means how far a vehicle can travel by consuming one liter of fuel. Like all vehicles, train mileage depends on many factors. It is not possible to say exactly how many kilometers per liter a train runs. Because mileage varies depending on the route, type of passenger train, express, high speed, passenger, coaches it carries.

Calculation on hourly basis..

The biggest factor affecting a train's mileage is the number of coaches it has. If the number of boxes is less.. the machine can pull less load. Hence diesel engine mileage is calculated on hourly basis. Reports said that the engine of 24-25 coach trains consumes 6 liters of diesel per kilometer. And the surprising thing is.. Super fast trains consume less diesel than passenger trains. Passenger train locomotives consume 5–6 liters of diesel per kilometer. The reason for this is that passenger trains have to stop at all stations. An express train pulling 12 coaches consumes 4.5 liters of diesel per kilometer. Super fast trains travel up to 230 meters on one liter of diesel. And passenger trains can travel about 180-200 meters.

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