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Mukundan Unni Associates Review Mukundan Unni Review Isn39t 39Naya39

Mukundan Unni Associates Review : KGF, Business Man… Have you seen these Movies? Films made by directors elevating the villain aspect of the heroes..made to make the average audience identify with that character is not a common thing. That's why these Movies have a rugged fan base.. because the impact they create is such.. Malayalam movie Mukundan Unni Associates has also joined this list.. O KGF, Business Man has Yash and Mahesh, so it created a huge buzz. And even if you look for this Mukundan wool, there is no top Hero who can create a buzz.. But this movie which is streaming on Hotstar is creating new records.. Moreover it is leading to discussion in social media.. Moreover one section is lifting this movie to the sky. Is it in this movie? After watching this movie, another perspective appears before the eyes.


The Hero of this movie is a good actor. But good acting does not make a good movie.. The question here is whether we accept this degradation of values. Even if a Hero does all the things a villain should do, is he still a Hero? We know people who admire those who see some wrongdoings in larger than life size. Many people worshiped Harshad Mehta when two thousand crores were lost in the share market.. Not only this but the reason why there are many such examples is because the graph of our values ​​has fallen below the abyss.. It seems that cheating is not immoral. Now villain Hero Movies that glorify a smuggler like Pushpa become a pan India sensation because the whole country has the same type of audience…

This Malayalam film is the story of a lawyer who fails in his career.. Small frauds, big and big traitors, even big murders. We have many films where the villains are the heroes.. Amitabh Bachchan starrer Don, Kamal Haasan starrer Erra Roselu, Shahrukh Khan starrer Baazigar and many more. Those characters have their own argument.. they try to convince the audience by justifying their false or violent and cruel actions or they realize it in the end. This Mukundan spends a lot of money on accident insurance claims just to grow financially in his life. He also breaks up with a methodical girlfriend. He makes a bargain to stop loving another girlfriend for a contract. Moreover, he commits many more sins. The director's moral in this story is that he became a millionaire with the money he earned. It is true that there is rampant corruption in the field of insurance accident claims. It would have been better to say that the Hero made an attempt to correct that field while explaining it.. Some Movies like O Pushpa and Mukundan make the villain synonymous with the Hero. It is just the changes we have made in our values.. Everyone says that the movie is good. But no one cares much about the falling values ​​graph. Have we sunk to the point where it doesn't matter what kind of grass we bite into to make money? Or have we grown to the level of ethics? Think once.

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