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Ever Since Revanth Reddy Took Over As CM The State Has Been Facing Drought

Revanth Reddy And Chandrababu: No matter how competent the rulers are.. People and rulers will be happy if time comes together. Resources increase. Government gets revenue. When the time does not come together, the hard work of the rulers goes in vain. Debts increase. Government revenue will fall. During the tenure of Chandrababu Naidu as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the state was suffering from drought for almost ten years. People were shaken by the lack of drinking and irrigation water. Due to power cuts, industries have suffered losses. That's why everyone thinks that Chandrababu's rule means drought. They say that if Babu comes, there will be a famine. People like YSR and Jagan used to criticize Babu and Karuvu as twins. YSR Congress was brought to power after Chandrababu. It rained heavily on the day of his swearing-in. With this, the party leaders spread the word that Varanadu had joined the Congress. The ten years when the Congress was in power had good rains.

– Chandrababu's disciples are the same..

Drought is what Telangu people remember Chandrababu's rule. Chandrababu Naidu also became the first Chief Minister of the divided AP. Five years in power. Even then the rains were less than normal. Now with this, Nanudi has settled that if Babu comes, he will be hungry. But now the rule of Chandrababu Naidu's disciple seems to be the same. Babu's disciple Revanth Reddy became the Chief Minister of Telangana. Ever since he took charge, shadows of drought have been looming in the state. With ten years of BRS rule, projects, ponds and ponds have become water art. As soon as the regime changes, the drought is coming. Yasangi crops have already dried up due to lack of irrigation water. Some farmers left the crops to the cattle, while others set them on fire.

– Concerns for drinking water..

For ten years, no drinking water concerns were seen in Telangana. There are very few cases of climbing the roads for water. But when the Congress came to power, the problem of drinking water started again. Already in many parts of the state, people are staging dharnas and rastaroks for drinking water. Despite the Mission Bhagiratha scheme.. the situation is not able to provide water. People agree that fresh water is great. The government is taking steps to prevent the problem of drinking water, but it is not giving results.

– Power cuts..

And during Chandrababu's regime, there were extreme power cuts throughout the united Andhra Pradesh. There are allegations that Babu used to rule according to the orders of the World Bank. Recently, the power cuts started with the rule of Chandrababu's disciple Revanth. I don't know what KCR did when BRS was in power in Telangana, but he did away with the electricity problem. Now the power cuts have started again. Although the rulers say that there are no power cuts anywhere, the situation is different at the field level.

-Sunshine at a record level..

Record temperatures are being recorded in Telangana which have never been seen in ten years. Bhanu has been suffering since April this year. As the month of May has arrived, meteorologists are predicting that the temperature will be even higher throughout this month. It is advised to be alert. Yellow and orange alerts are being issued for many districts.

The opposition BRS leaders are commenting that Keraf is not Chandrababe for the drought regime.. He is also his disciple.

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